Police Truck A fun and cute interactive app for Kids!

Ride along on a Police Truck as it patrols the neighborhood. Turn on your lights and sirens, and catch a speeder or a litterbug and issue a warning or a ticket. Help a sick person by calling an ambulance. Clear a traffic jam by directing traffic. Call the Police Tow truck to tow large vehicles. Use your radar screen to go investigate alerts. Chase a burglar bot as it tries to steal things and catch it using your truck's electro-net launcher. Fly the burglar bot to jail using the Police Helicopter. The Police Truck is a busy truck!

A real treat for those little Police Truck enthusiasts and a great way to encourage curiosity and interaction for all. Touch the driver and he honks the horn. Touch a cloud as it passes by and it smiles and hums. The neighborhood is interactive. When your child touches people, animals, or objects they make sounds and perform actions. Its like a moving story book!

A great way to explore the sights and sounds of a Police Truck!