Fuel Tanker Truck

A fun and cute interactive app for Kids!

Ride along on a Fuel Tanker Truck as it stops to deliver fuel. First refill your truck at the loading racks. Then visit cargo ports to refuel ships and submarines, Airports with airplanes and helicopters, Train depots and more! Connect the hose to the truck and to each new vehicle to pump the fuel until the tank is full. When the the truck is empty it’s time to go back to the loading racks to get more fuel!

A real treat for those little Fuel Tanker Truck enthusiasts and a great way to encourage curiosity and interaction for all. Touch the driver and he honks the horn. Touch a cloud as it passes by and it smiles and hums. The neighborhood is interactive. When your child touches people, animals, or objects they make sounds and perform actions. Its like a moving story book!

A great way to explore the sights and sounds of a Fuel Tanker Truck.